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Costa Rica

A pioneer of ecotourism, Costa Rica is known for its stable, peaceful democracy and renowned for its innovative conservation and environmental initiatives. Costa Rica is a land of incredible biodiversity and beautiful landscapes with roughly a quarter of its landmass designated as protected national parks and forests. The capital, San José,  is home to both the famed United Nations University of Peace and the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.  This socially and environmentally progressive nation is a beacon for nature lovers and adventure travelers alike.

Our past adventures in Costa Rica


Hands-on, immersive cultural learning opportunities include a full day excursion to Manuel Antonio National Park, sea kayaking, a whitewater river experience, a tour of an authentic, organic coffee farm and surfing lessons to those who want to partake in them!


Our service program in Costa Rica is focused on projects such as environment conservation, working at an animal refuge center, teaching in schools, and assisting on a project that works with low-income communities to up-cycle trash and debris that arrive on the beaches into art pieces that can be sold as souvenirs and generate income for the community while also cleaning up the environment. 


Program participants will exit the program having:

  •  Demonstrated an understanding of the definition and value of global citizenship

  • Developed awareness of one’s own personal reactions to those from different cultures (personal biases, beliefs, attitudes)

  • Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of local, national and/or global issues and the interconnectedness and interdependency of different countries and populations

  • Developed skills for critical thinking and analysis of global issues

  • Developed a sense of belonging to a common humanity, sharing values and responsibilities, based on human rights

  • Developed familiarity with various cultures / cultural practices of the host country

  • Acted effectively and responsibly at local, national and global levels for a more peaceful and sustainable world

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