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Partner with Bright Light to help our young people,
Learn, Serve and Lead!

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Learn with curiosity

Bright Light Volunteers create opportunities to learn through experiential cultural immersion. Upon arrival in the host community, students explore historic and natural landmarks, tour museums, enjoy local cuisine, enroll in dance lessons, visit markets, and participate in cooking lessons with the local people. These are just a few examples of the immersive learning experiences enjoyed by Bright Light Volunteers program participants.




Serve with compassion

Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities to serve by working side by side with our local partners on community-led, service projects. Community service allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the host community and culture. Bright Light Volunteers can expect to serve between 42-110 hours, depending on the length and location of the program.



Lead with confidence

Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities to lead by providing life-altering experiences that cultivate a global perspective and open-mindedness in students that will ultimately inspire them to become global leaders and critical thinkers who create solutions to global social problems. Here, at Bright Light Volunteers, we believe that the most effective global leaders begin as global citizens.

Partner with Bright Light to help our young people learn, serve and lead!

Bright Light Volunteers is a 501(c)(3), non-profit organization, designed to empower program participants and

community partners through education and service. We customize Global Service Learning  (GSL) programs for groups of seven and more. These can be family groups, student groups, or corporate groups. We work directly with the client identify goals for the program and then to design, plan and implement the program. We partner with establish NGOs in all of the international communities in which we work in order to provide man power and funding to those organizations.

Our programs adhere to global service-learning best practices, which combine community service with

experiential learning in the field.

Our vision is to make the world a brighter place by creating a more peaceful, just, interconnected world where

global challenges and opportunities are met by educated, compassionate, global citizens and leaders.


Contact us to discuss a program tailored to fit your groups objectives!

Global Service Learning Adventures

Our Current Opportunities

With customizable and affordable programs designed to be inclusive and accessible for all students regardless of socioeconomic status, Bright Light Volunteers is making the world a brighter place one student at a time while implementing sustainable projects in disadvantaged communities abroad.


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Short-term global study can introduce students to the business, cultural, social, and political environments of the host community.


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Bright Light Volunteers creates opportunities for educators and students to experience the world as travelers, not tourists.


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Bright Light Corporate’s CSR programs affect participants in a way that is transformative and lasts into the future.

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Our Community Testimonies

Brandi W., TX

"Bright Light Volunteers is passionate about their mission to provide students who attend Title 1 designated schools with access to global service learning initiatives. These opportunities allow students to develop an understanding of economic, cultural, political and environmental influences in order to 'compete' in an every-changing world and job market. I have been fortunate to collaborate with such a passionate organization toward a common goal of developing global leaders through education and service for a more peaceful and sustainable and equitable world."

Natalie M., TN

"Bright Light Volunteers has been an extraordinarily beautiful program since the day that it popped into my life here at Bethel University. I have travelled with BLV to some absolutely breathtaking places, like Cuba, Colombia, and most recently Costa Rica. Each opportunity holds so many lessons about life, allows the students to gain cultural competence and awareness, introduces a foreign language, teaches independence and courage, provides experience for future schools and/or jobs, and overall gives the students a better sense of themselves. I highly recommend this program to anyone interested in traveling and studying abroad because you are sure to leave with much more knowledge and experience of the world than when you came."

Amanda M., TN 

"I recently completed my third service program with Bright Light Volunteers. Our group went to Costa Rica. We learned a lot about our need to conserve and reduce our use of plastic. We cleaned up beaches of microplastics and implemented permaculture farming at a local high school. This organization puts together the BEST global service learning programs! I highly recommend Bright Light Volunteers!"
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